Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Round 2.
The second month of trying is almost upon us and I'm excited. Last month I was still quite apprehensive but that has mostly passed. My husband and I spent the evening with some friends who have four kids with the youngest being 2 months old. Being around a little baby had us both melting and solidified our desire for another one of our own.
I also recently got the great news that a close couple-friends are finally pregnant after a year and half! I am thrilled for them but at the same time I'm thinking if it takes us that long this blog will get incredibly boring.

I made the mistake of getting on the scale this morning. Scales are such vile inventions and really should be made illegal. I've been faithfully running three to four times a week for almost two months and have not lost a pound!!!!!! What the heck? If I didn't actually feel good after running I would drop my treadmill off of a cliff and cheer at its death. Do I eat that badly? Or too much? I know I said that my original goal with exercising and eating healthy was to prep my body for pregnancy with weight loss being secondary. But seriously, shouldn't at least two or three pounds be gone? Shouldn't my pants feel a bit looser?