Sunday, April 26, 2009

It's Time

My period started for on April 24. This means the time for "trying" is nearly upon us. I told my husband this the other night and we agreed that there' s no point in putting it off anymore.
I woke up the next day terrified of being pregnant again.
The tiredness, the round belly, the weight, the waddle, the stuffy nose (apparently 30ish% of woman get this lovely malady when pregnant), the susceptibility to every little germ bug and then not being able to take anything but Tylenol when that bug attacks you, feeling unattractive, the fat fingers, being unbearably hot near the end, not being able to sit or stand comfortably, the sore...everything!
Fortunately morning sickness did not plague me (knock,knock - I know each pregnancy is different), and despite that huge list my pregnancy was not particularly difficult. I did not enjoy my pregnancy the first time. I was actually embarrassed by my appearance. I mean really, who likes looking like a whale?
This time, because it may be my last, I really want to enjoy the process; cherish it. I know of so many woman who give their right arm for the honour of carrying a child within.

Friday, April 24, 2009

The Stats

1. I am approximately 5'2" and weigh around 130 pounds. Obviously that's no Hollywood/ Nicole Richie-like figure but it'll do. I'm not skinny (who'd want their bones poking out anyway?) but I'm no where near fat. I am generally okay with my physique but to loose 10 pounds is a never ending desire of mine.

2. I have a fairly healthy food lifestyle - I love food and eat it! Seriously though, as much as I'd like to eat BigMac's , onion rings and ice cream every day, I know it would eventually kill me and not be agree wtih my finances. I do my best to incorporate a respectable amount of vegetables and fruit into my diet. It is a deliberate effort and I'm not sure I would use the words 'enjoy' and 'vegetables' together very often. It's too bad they are so good for us, and that I actually feel better when I've been getting my veggies in. We never buy instant meals, and junk food is quite scarce in our household. I don't like pre-made meals and as for junk food, I do not have even an ounce of self control so if it's around, well, let's just say it doesn't remain so for very long. We cook meals nearly every day that I pre-plan. I do like to bake and socialize with friends so cookies and other desserts are eaten a few times a week; probably my biggest food downfall. Who can give up a gooey, warm, chocolate chip cookie? Theoretically, I hope to give up sugar for the duration of this next pregnancy. Am I crazy? I think so.

3. I enjoy exercise and have been quite diligent with it for many years. This past year I have been the most lazy and can certainly tell. For the last month, though, I've been back at it, trying to get my body in decent physical condition so that I can bear a child.

4. No one in my household smokes so that is not an issue. We do enjoy alcohol, mainly wine, and have it about once a week. I will give it up entirely once pregnancy is a possibility. I won't like that part but that's the way it is. I will also give up pretty much all caffeine. I know the debate is out there on its effect on pregnancies and since I'm not dependent on it I might as well eliminate it. Oh, but I'm sure there are mornings where I will cave!

5. Sleep. That is such a tough thing to get enough of sometimes. I know pregnancy increases ones need for sleep. Naps tend to screw up my night time slumber so I do my best not to, and involuntary dozing at work or while grocery shopping just isn't acceptable for some reason! This means I'll have to do what I can to get a proper night time rest. Evenings, after our child goes to bed, are our time, Time to quickly get a few things done around the house or relax as a couple. An early bedtime robs that. A baby robs so much more though, and the more I get before maybe the better I'll get through the latter deprivation???

6. I've been taking folic acid supplements for a month now. My doctor strongly advises it because that is one of these most essential aides for a developing baby.


I am in my early thirties and entering the adventure of pregnancy again. No, I'm not pregnant yet but I'm preparing to be. Perhaps my brain has gone overboard and caused me to over-think this process but there are a million and one thoughts circulating throughout my head that need to escape.
I know couples who admit openly when they are "trying" or going to start "trying". It's a comfortable topic to discuss with them, particularly the women.
I know other couples who are intensely private and no one else has a clue where they are at in the baby department.
Then there are the couples who allude to "trying" just enough so that other people have a general idea but not enough to really "know" what's going on. This would be us.
I love to talk about what's going on in my life. I would shout it from the rooftops the minute I was pregnant if it were not for my husband. As I said, I have many things I want to say about this process of having another baby yet in reality I don't really want everyone to know just in case - you know?
So here I am, the anonymous blogger, publicly writing down my inner, otherwise unsharable thoughts. I desperately hope and pray conception is swift and within a year I'll be able to redirect you to my other, more revealing blog.
Thank you for joining me!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


If you're just checking in....I'm in the process of setting this up so bear with me and I'll be with you soon!